Honors Connect

Honors Connect gives you the opportunity to show that you're more than a rockstar in the classroom - you're also a caring member of the Huskie community. This program allows you to earn one Honors Engaged credit toward University Honors completion by attending 10 approved events or programs. You'll also show that you value engagement and inclusion. Honors Connect events address a wide range of topics and promote diversity and involvement on campus.

How the Program Works

To receive the Honors Engaged credit, you must attend 10 approved programs or events over the course of two years. Four events must be sponsored by University Honors. You may not receive retroactive credit for events you attended in the past.

Follow these steps to receive credit for attending events:

  1. Use the Honors Connect Approval Form to indicate your intent to attend an event or program. If the event isn't preapproved, you must give reasonable advance notice for consideration.
  2. Sign in/swipe to the event or program when you arrive.
  3. Complete a brief reflection after the event or program.

Preapproved Events and Programs

The following events and programs are preapproved. New events will be added as they become available. Be sure to check for updates before attending an event.