Honors Head Start

Take part in activities and events that will set you up for success while earning your first honors engaged credit towards graduating with University Honors. 

Sign up for Honors Head Start as soon as possible. Incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible for this Honors Engaged opportunity. You will be awarded an Honors Engaged credit upon the completion of the following events and activities:  

  • Welcome to Honors Events: 
  • "What is an Education?" with the Honors Director, Andrea Radasanu 
  • Honors Engagement Panel 
  • "Develop Your Co-Curricular Plan" with Michaela Holtz, director of Office for Student Engagement and Experiential Learning (OSEEL) 
  • One out of two peer mentor workshops led by Honors Fellows
  • Complete your reflection on the Honors Head Start experience and make an appointment to discuss it with an Honors advisor.
    • The deadline to meet with your Honors advisor is November 1. 

Make sure you have registered for this experience! Keep an eye out for weekly announcements, Facebook updates and emails for more information. 

If you are not able to commit to completing all of these steps, we encourage you to attend as many events as you can and count them towards Honors Connect 


Upcoming Events