Honors Engaged

University Honors aims to provide you with opportunities to grow as a leader and an engaged community member and citizen, who successfully makes the transition from the campus to the world.


Honors Engaged experiences should be meaningful and sustained, while the exact parameters might vary by experience.

  • To graduate with Full University Honors you are required to participate in four approved co-curricular experiences.
  • To graduate with Associate University Honors, you are required to participate in two approved co-curricular experiences. 

Huskies Engage lists many NIU opportunities available, from community engagement, professional preparation, undergraduate research and more.

Getting Started

Please complete an Honors Engaged Form for each experience you would like an Honors Engaged credit. If you are interested in designing your own experience or earning credit through non-NIU experiences, fill in the Honors Engaged Form with your plan, and an Honors advisor will be in touch about it.

University Honors will work with you to curate the best set of experiences to meet your goals. We offer a series of exclusive engagement opportunities tailored for Honors Program students.

Honors Engaged Opportunities

Check out exclusive engagement opportunities just for University Honor students. Learn more about: