Honors Engaged

By participating in Honors Engaged experiences, you’ll develop competencies employers and graduate schools are seeking. Two experiences are required to earn Associate University Honors, and four experiences are required to earn Full University Honors.

You’ll use the Suitable website or app to find and get credit for experiences.

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Competency Areas and Examples

The processes of explorative inquiry and expressive creation provide individuals with the ability to develop analytic skills and the capacity for critical thinking. Asking good questions, collecting relevant data, assessing existing bodies of knowledge, drawing coherent conclusions and communicating effectively with specialists and non-specialists about the meaning of one’s approach, findings or expression are relevant to any career.


Embodying a DEI mindset means valuing, respecting and appreciating diversity. This entails acknowledging that lived experiences vary depending on race, age, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion and other aspects of identity. Individuals demonstrate inclusiveness, self-awareness and sensitivity while avoiding bias and working against the perpetuation of systemic inequities.

CODE workshops

You'll have the opportunity to participate in Conversations on Equity and Diversity (CODE) workshops for Engaged credit. These workshops focus on understanding cultural differences and will help you create a more inclusive campus community. Complete the four scheduled workshops to get credit.

Honors Connect

Honors Connect gives you the opportunity to show that you're more than a rockstar in the classroom - you're also a caring member of the Huskie community. Honors Connect events address a wide range of topics and promote diversity and involvement on campus. You attend 10 approved events, which you can find in the Suitable app and use QR codes to mark your attendance.

Leadership is developed through experiences in which students utilize their interpersonal and communication skills to persuade and motivate others in the pursuit of a common goal. Leaders are effective at developing a shared vision through trustworthy character and well-communicated strategic planning.


Great team members are engaged, flexible, reliable and responsible. They actively listen to fellow team members, practice respectful disagreement, are helpful and fair-minded toward teammates, and are guided by understanding that consensus decision-making is valuable to the success of all common enterprises.


Explore career options, formulate career goals, engage in career development activities, and develop professional skills, aptitudes and networks. Pursue growth opportunities that provide the needed experience to enter desired professional field or graduate/professional school. Work toward practicing self-advocacy and manifesting resilience and adaptability.


Express ideas effectively in oral, written and visual media in person or through digital technology. Effective communication should be clear, concise and coherent, as well as appropriate for the occasion. Effective communication also reflects good judgment, considers the audience and facilitates productive discourse.

  • Capstone Boot Camp
  • Writing Workshop

Being informed about and making a difference in the civic life of communities near and far. Individuals demonstrate a desire to develop their knowledge and skills to participate in both political and non-political processes that strengthen democratic norms and values. Individuals are informed, open-minded and responsible citizens who are committed to long-term self-growth and to enriching their own communities and beyond, as well as being part of the solution for issues of public concern.


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