Fulfilling Honors Requirements

As an honors student, you'll complete a certain number of honors courses and participate in Honors Engaged activities. The amount of courses and activities depends on whether you're working toward Full University Honors or Associate University Honors.

Honors Courses

Honors courses and seminars offer exciting learning opportunities.

Honors courses are available to anyone, but have been pre-approved as meeting Honors criteria. They are taught by experienced faculty, and involve in-depth discussion and study.

Honors seminars are small, upper-level courses that are designed specifically for, and open only to, Honors students.

Engaged Experiences

You'll choose from a range of robust, meaningful Honors Engaged experiences such as internships, research and leadership positions. You can find and track experiences in Suitable.

These experiences will help you develop skills in areas important to employers and graduate schools, such as research, leadership and civic engagement.

Honors Tracks

Full University Honors

  • Six honors courses (including three or more outside your major, one or more Honors Seminars and a senior capstone)
  • Four Honors Engaged experiences
  • Two electives (two more courses or experiences, or one of each)
  • 3.30 minimum overall GPA

Associate University Honors

  • Three honors courses (including one or more outside your major and at least one Honors Seminar)
  • Two Honors Engaged experiences
  • One elective (one more course or experience)
  • 3.30 minimum overall GPA



The Honors Program has built a community of connections I’ll have for a lifetime, and I cannot wait to see how it grows over time.
Chyna Bennet, communicative disorders

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