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Faculty and staff are at the heart of the honors program. Your expertise and dedication enable us to provide students with an exceptional educational experience. We’re grateful for those we’ve worked with in the past and look forward to establishing new partnerships across campus.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Radasanu at aradasanu@niu.edu.

Teaching in Honors

Honors curriculum is made up of honors seminars, course mini-sections, and in-course contracts. Honors seminars are offered through the Honors Faculty Fellowship process. Honors mini-sections exist within regular courses for a small number of honors students. Honors students in these sections earn honors credit by completing an enriched curriculum determined by the faculty member. In-course contracts may be requested by a student enrolled in a regular class so that they can earn honors credit. These are especially appropriate where students have few honors course options in their major, are constrained by their schedule and graduating timelines, and have the capacity to do meaningful independent work in the specific course.

Each year, we select faculty members to teach honors seminars as Honors Faculty Fellows. We encourage you to apply for this rewarding experience. Learn more about our faculty fellowship. Learn how to submit a fellowship proposal.

Capstone projects are required for honors students to graduate with Full University Honors. Please consider serving as a mentor for students who wish to complete a capstone project.

Course Requests 

Academic department schedulers enter courses with honor sections. Please note that the UHP provides students with an Honors Course Book before priority registration begins every semester. The UHP recommends that you enter all honors sections in a timely way and asks that you notify the program of late additions. The UHP can see all honors courses/sections entered in the curriculum management system. HON seminar designators are entered by the UHP and are used for honors seminars when there are unsuitable departmental course designations to accommodate a topic. 

Please alert us about new honors classes/sections so we can appropriately market them. Additionally, please alert us if you plan to discontinue any of the honors courses/sections you regularly offer.

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