The University Honors Capstone is an opportunity for students and faculty mentors to work together to advance a student’s learning through personalized and unique approaches to their studies. The capstone is a significant research or artistry project required for graduation with Full University Honors and optional for Associate University Honors.

  • Attend Information Session

    The first step in the process is to attend a capstone information session during the second semester of your junior year. Or, schedule a meeting with an honors advisor.

  • Find Faculty Mentor

    The semester before you enroll, you'll begin the process of looking for a qualified faculty member to supervise your project. This could be a professor you know from a class in your major, minor or from an extracurricular activity.

  • Submit Proposal

    Your Senior Honors Capstone Proposal will consist of a project description and other information. It's due the Sunday after week two of the semester.

  • Receive Approval

    Your proposal must receive approval from your faculty mentor, department chair and the Honors Program. You'll receive an email indicating if your proposal was accepted. If it was denied, you'll have the opportunity to resubmit.

  • Attend Events

    You can attend a variety of events throughout the process. For example, the Capstone Reception is an opportunity for you and your mentor to share information and ask questions of honors staff. We also offer a variety of workshops.

  • Present Project

    In order to receive credit, you must present your project. This could be at a department or college showcase, the Conference on Undergraduate Research and Engagement, Honors Day Celebration, or a local, regional or national conference, for example.

  • Submit Project

    The Sunday before finals begin (by 11:59 p.m. CT), you must email a PDF of your capstone, title page and faculty-signed approval page to You must also upload a copy to Huskie Commons



My capstone was by far the most rewarding and difficult thing I have ever done. I would never have composed a piece like I did without being in the Honors Program. I will be able to put that on my resume and use it for the rest of my career.
Katie Krogman, elementary education 

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